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Ricky Zoom Launch And Go Ricky

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Ricky Zoom Launch And Go Ricky.

Ready, Set…Zoom. The Ricky Zoom Launch & Go is ready to give Ricky a burst of speed. Prime the launcher by sliding the cradle back, rest Ricky’s rear wheel between the ridges and start your countdown. A press of the button is all it takes to launch Ricky's toy motorbike off on his next adventure.

This Launch & Go features Ricky with exclusive mud-splattered details you can’t find anywhere else. With his expertly designed tyres, Ricky Zoom has no problem standing steady when stopped, and his front wheels feature articulated movements that let him steer left and right where you point them.

These toy motorbikes for boys and girls are a perfect addition to any toy box, enabling children to bring their favourite TV characters to life. Explore the whole range of toys, accessories and playsets that faithfully capture the spirit, energy and fun of Ricky Zoom and the world of Wheelford.

Ages: 3+