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Robo Dackel Junior Interactive Robotic Puppy

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Robo Dackel Junior Interactive Robotic Puppy.


Introducing Silverlit Robo Dash a lovable robotic puppy that will follow you wherever you go and grows while you pet him. With multidirectional movement and gesture control, Robo Dash will follow your gesture commands to perform tricks and actions, including chasing his tail.

Robo Dash comes with two mode - Follow me mode bringing Robo Dash to life as he shadows your movements and manual control mode using the multi-directional remote. Robo Dash comes complete with touch sensors on the top of his head which grows and shrinks his spring-like fabric body up to 45cm.

The more you pet Robo Dash the longer he gets. As well as obstacle detection, Robo Dash will fetch the ball shaped remote when rolled on the floor just like a real puppy! Robo Dash is man’s best friend with all the characteristics of a real dog, he pants, he barks, he yelps and he even wags his tail when he is happy to see you! Let Robo Dash be your new robotic companion!

Contains: 1 x Silverlit Robo Dash.

Batteries Required: 5 x AA (Not Included).

Age: 5+

Batteries: 5x AA (Not Included)