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Rolly Fire Unimog with Gears and Brake

Available: In-Store Online

The Deluxe Rolly Toys Unimog is a large, sturdy pedal fire truck suitable for children aged 3-8 years of age. The Deluxe model has 2 forward gears. A low gear for pulling trailers and a high gear for speed. In addition, there is also a manually operated brake. This kids ride on fire engine even comes with an emergency blue flashing light. All 4 wheels are strengthened by a resin band which helps the Unimog grip on all surfaces, reduces wear and tear and makes it a quiet, smooth running, pedal fire engine. Of course a children's pedal fire engine would not be complete without water. Simply add the Rolly Fire Trailer with Pump (sold separately, subject to availability) to the rear of the Unimog or even attach the Rolly Winch (sold separately, subject to availability) to the front for towing. With a 12mm rear axle it can be used by kids as old as 8 years old.



  • Adjustable seat and handbrake.
  • Pedal crank with eccentric bearing.
  • Covered integral chain drive.
  • 2 forward and a reverse gear.
  • Tow hitch at front and rear of truck.
  • Blue flashing light included.


Ages: 3+


Rolly Fire Trailer with pump and Rolly Winch are sold separately.