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Rummikub Junior

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Rummikub is the fast moving numbers game which develops numeracy skills, aids logical thinking, but above all is loads of fun to play. If you can count to 10, you are ready to play Junior Rummikub and join the Rummikub family which is millions strong. Collect as many Stars as possible to win the game. Earn Stars when you make Runs by laying down 3 or more consecutive number tiles of the same colour, or add to Runs which are already laid down on the table. How many Stars can you get? Junior Rummikub is ideal for younger children, but is also a great game the qhole family can enjoy.


Contents: 40 tiles (1 to 10 in 4 colours), 4 jokers, Star counters, 4 tile racks and instructions.


Ages: 4+


Players: 2 - 4 players