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Schleich Farm 42528 Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand

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Schleich Farm 42528 Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand.

Farm World Ben and his mother Laura load the Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand from Schleich Farm World with fresh produce directly from their farm. Juicy apples, freshly laid eggs, crisp lettuce, potatoes from the field, chilled milk and crusty bread all fit on their wagon. Once everything is loaded, they hitch up their hard-working pony Poppy to the wagon and head off to sell their produce. Do they have enough apples with them? The produce can be arranged as needed on the farm stand and the pointer on the scale can be moved. The set offers a variety of play options and perfectly supplements Farm World (42407) Large Farm House.

  • The set contains 2 figurines, 1 horse and lots of accessories!
  • Poppy the horse can be unhitched and replaced with other Schleich horses!
  • Accessories fit on the loading area!
  • With a simplified bridle!
  • Horse can pull the farm stand!
  • Schleich figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play.

Ages: 3+