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Schleich Bayala 70713 Fairy In Flight On Glam Owl

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Schleich Bayala 70713 Fairy In Flight On Glam Owl.

In Bayala, inhabitants look up to the sky in amazement as a pretty fairy on a glittering owl gracefully floats through the air. The mysterious magical creature with silver feather decoration and sparkling wingtips flies gently over bayala with the fairy.

Long before you see the fairy on the glittering owl, the inhabitants of Bayala feel its magic when they float gracefully through the air. From up there, the fairy waves to all the inhabitants in a friendly manner. The owl's feather decoration and richly decorated wings glitter silvery in the sunlight. Its wing tips shimmer bronze. Together with the fairy, the magical creature flies gently over the vastness of the colorful flower fields of Bayala. Once there, they are curiously welcomed by the other fairies. The wisdom and gentleness of this winged magical creature are known throughout the fairy kingdom.

  • Includes: 1 fairy and 1 owl.
  • Secure hold thanks to magnets!
  • Owl with movable wings!
  • Figure with a moveable arm!
  • The Schleich figures are modeled in detail and promote educationally valuable play.
  • The figure is part of the Bayala theme world from Schleich.

Ages: 3+