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Schleich Eldrador 70148 Lava Tiger

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Schleich Eldrador 70148 Lava Tiger.

FIRE! Like all lava tigers, our Lava Tiger loves the Schleich Eldrador flame theme world as well as pizza that got a little too dark but this fiery wild cat doesn't need oven mitts. The flaming volcanic stone on his back makes the ground around him glow as well. When it comes to an attack, he spits fire and lava. He particularly likes fighting with his best friend, the Ice Tiger, because the two are around equally matched in strength. Neither of them has ever won a friendly battle. They always tie. Maybe you can find a winner?

  • Schleich playsets and figurines inspire children to play imaginatively and freely. Even the experts agree!
  • The Schleich figurines are modeled in detail and look almost exactly like their animal models. Also perfect for educationally valuable play.
  • This item is part of the Eldrador theme world.

Ages: 3+