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Schleich Wild Life 42566 Koala Mother And Baby

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Schleich Wild Life 42566 Koala Mother And Baby.

The Koala Mother and her baby from schleich Wildlife love a good breakfast of eucalyptus together. Eu-ca-lyp-tus…say that 10 times fast without getting tongue-tied! After breakfast, the little joey hangs on tight onto his momma's back as she carries him up into the trees.

  • So adorable, you'll wanna perch these two at your desk or by your bedside table. Koalas have a calming effect…don't you think?
  • Most people never get to experience koala snuggling encounter, but holding these two in the palm of your hand is pretty close…they're that realistic!
  • Schleich wild animal figurines for toddlers and kids introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play.

Ages: 3+