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Schleich Horse Club 42467 Connemara Pony And Trap

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Schleich Horse Club 42467 Connemara Pony And Trap.

Sofia’s cousin Clara has come on a trip to Lakeside with her pretty carriage to see the Schleich Horse Club horse show!

The carriage for the Schleich Horse Club horse show is lovingly adorned with shamrocks, horseshoes and butterflies. Clara has also added beautiful decorations to the halter of her Connemara pony. A soft picnic blanket and a well-stocked picnic basket are stowed on the practical shfairy. Clara can sit comfortably on the blanket during the horse show, cuddle her Chihuahua puppy and enjoy some picnic snacks.
  • Schleich figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play.
  • Clara can sit, stand and grip!
  • Removable bridle and harness!
  • Decorative pieces can be combined with the Schleich big horse show (item no. 42464).
  • This item is part of the Horse Club theme world.

Includes: 1 girl, 1 Connemara pony, 1 Chihuahua puppy, 1 carriage with harness, 1 basket, 1 plate, 1 cup, 1 tablecloth, 1 cupcake, 1 apple, 1 bowl, 1 waist strap, 1 bridle, 1 reins, 6 decorative horseshoes, 6 decorative shamrocks, 6 decorative butterflies and 1 assembly instructions.

Ages: 5-12