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Schleich Horse Club 42519 Rider Cafe Playset

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Schleich Horse Club 42519 Rider Cafe Playset.

The Cups & Saddles is a popular rider’s meeting place in Hazelwood. The four girls leave secret messages for each other here or enjoy a large piece of Carolin Kramer’s famous apple pie, which she regularly bakes for the café. Tom helps behind the counter at the weekend and makes yummy smoothies for the guests.

  • The Tom figure can sit, stand and grasp objects!
  • The Emily figure can move her arms, grasp objects and ride a horse!
  • Removable waiter’s apron!
  • Figurine, saddle and bridle detachable!
  • Paddocks have endless possibilities for extension and can be combined with a riding school and horse stalls!

Fun Fact: When Tom has time alongside his work in the café, he performs little tricks with his horse Pino.


1 x café, 1 x Tom, 1 x Tom’s Pinto stallion Pino, 1 x Emily, 1 x waiter’s apron, 1 x trellis with roses, 1 x menu board, 1 x advertising board, 1 x golden key, 1 x counter, 1 x cabinet, 1 x oven, 1 x shelf, 1 x coffee machine, 1 x till, 1 x ceiling lamp, 2 x bistro table, 4 x chair, 1 x sunshade, 4 x cup, 4 x plate, 4 x piece of blueberry pie, 4 x piece of apple pie, 4 x cupcake, 2 x cream topping, 3 x bottles of lemonade, 2 x glass with straw, 2 x rosettes, 2 x flower vase, 2 x bouquet of flowers, 1 x tether pole for horses, 1 x manger, 1 x trough, 1 x halter, 2 x apples, 1 x saddle, 1 x bridle and reins, 1 x feeding box, 1 x sticker, 1 x assembly instructions.

Ages: 5+