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Science And Play Lab Super Microscope Playset

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Science And Play Lab Super Microscope Playset.

Introducing the Science & Play Super Microscope. A true professional microscope for children, easy to use, to study the microcosm and magnify it up to 1200 times. A scientific laboratory with more than 50 experiments, exercises and special tests to have fun with science, all clearly explained in the illustrated manual. The instruction booklet also helps little beginners to use the optical microscope, explaining how to prepare instrumentation, position slides, focus and adjust exposure for clearer viewing.

A rich instrumentation included with which to observe the world around us: plastic slides, shot glasses, pipettes and magnifying glass. A fun and easy way to get children closer to science. Thanks to the adjustable LED light in intensity and inclination, the viewing of the samples is easy. 

  • Features: 1 x microscope, assorted equipment, plastic slides, beakers, pipettes, 1 x magnifying glass, information booklet.
  • Over 50 different experiments, exercises and special tests, professional microscope up to 1,200 times magnification, movable LED light with adjustable intensity. 

Ages: 8+