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Science And Play Scorpion Robot Construction Set

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Science And Play Scorpion Robot Construction Set.

Build and programe your very own scorpion robot with Clementoni Scienece and Play. Control the robots movments ia the app or clap your hands to see its reactions.

From biomechanics and natural science, Clementoni Science & Play here provides a concept consisting of flexible constructions that allow you to create an incredible mechanical scorpion. The kit consists of more than 150 components to build a usable and manipulable scorpion model, thanks to the unique and flexible rods that allow you to reproduce realistic movements. Clap your hands and watch the scorpion react with different movements from time to time, but be careful that it doesn't get angry and attack you!

  • Build your gaurdian scorpion.
  • Reacts to hand clapping.
  • Captures objects by moving its tail and pincers.
  • 3 motors for motion.
  • Detects intruders.

Ages: 8+