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Science MAD! Circuit Lab

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                     Inspire your science-mad mind with hands-on assembly of electronic circuits.


With this realistic, activity-based science kit, you'll become more familiar with the principles of electronics. Guidance is included for reading and understanding circuit diagrams, with descriptions of the symbols for various electronic components. Start by creating the 50 different circuits that are detailed in the instructions and you'll soon discover how minor changes in wiring sequences can lead to very different results. 


Learn about different light circuits, the function of resistors and transistors, as well as various ways of switching circuits on and off. From there, progress to more compex experiments using an integrated circuit with practical applications such as an LED number display, a security alarm and a light intensity indicator. Use the parts included to assemble the spinning LED light and then build circuitsto control it! Finally use the knowledge you have gained to design and assemble your own circuits.


Contents: Enough for over 50+ experiments


Batteries Required: 2x AA Not Included


Ages: 8+