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Science Mad! Crystal Growing Lab

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Science Mad! Crystal Growing Lab.

Learn and discover about growing and cultivating your very own crystals. The kit contains everything children need to grow different colours and types of crystals. The detailed instruction booklet contains fascinating experiments and explains how crystals were formed when the gases the Earth is made from cooled millions of years ago.

  • Includes: Chemicals, laboratory apparatus, a table to record results, a display stand to show off creations and an instructions manual.
  • 17 safe, educational experiments. Cultivate different shapes, colours & sizes including crystal trees and a crystal rainbow! 
  • This hands-on science set is a STEM product and the perfect way to teach science in a fun way!
  • You will need some basic household materials such as pencil, paper clip, jam jar etc. Plaster of Paris and Epsom Salts are also required and not included.

Ages: 10+