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Science Museum Robo Beetle Construction Set

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Science Museum Robo Beetle Construction Set.

Clementoni Robot Beetle – An attractive new design with 6 legs that simulate the movement of the beetle. Thanks to the special mechanism, Sumobot never falls off the edge and pushes objects!

The Robo Beetle is a fantasic robot you can build. Thanks to its fall prevention mechanism controlled by an electric motor, it never falls from any raised surface on which it is placed.

  1. Once it is switched on, the motor activates the front mechanical sensor consisting of a wheel placed at 90degrees with respect to the direction of motion and by a balancing weight.
  2. The two drive wheels connect directly to the gear reducer and move the robots 6 legs. This happens by means of an eccentric, a type of mechanism in which a fixed circular disk rotates around an axle.

This set stimulates skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Children can use the experiments to hone their skills and expand their knowledge of scientific and technological aspects.

  • Construct: Develop your manual skills by assembling the robot piece by piece.
  • Learn: Study principles of movement and engineering.
  • Observe: Watch your robot come to life.

Ages: 8+