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Science And Play Amazing Chemistry Set

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Science And Play Amazing Chemistry Set.

A kit for astonishing chemistry experiments! A laboratory for aspiring scientists to create over 180 experiments and discover the secrets of chemistry in total safety.

The kit contains plenty of substances to experiment with astonishing chemical reactionsand recreate incredible effects!

All the experiments are described by means of images accompanied by clear and detailed explanations and are gathered in an instruction manual that turns chemistry into a super-enjoyable game.

  • A fun and safe laboratory.
  • With lots of chemical substances.
  • A set of special tools.
  • 180 incredible experiments.

Contents: Safety goggles, gloves, large test tubes, small test tubes, petri dish, lidded beakers, pasteur pipettes, bottle brush, safety key for test tubes, ballons, transparent plastic tube, syringes, tweezers, stirrer, filter paper, spatulas, chemical substances, test tube rack, object holders, horizontal supports, vertical supports, base, plugs and hooks for instruments.

Ages: 8+