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Science And Play Perfumes And Cosmetics Playset

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Science And Play Perfumes And Cosmetics Playset.

A real beauty lab to make truly magnificient, personalised creations - perfumes, soaps, creams and aromatised bath salts.

The Perfumes and Cosmetics themed science kit for kids is full of fun projects for do-it-yourself-minded little scientists who love to be creative and want to learn how to make their own cosmetic products from scratch.

Follow the recipes in the manual, make your own cosmetics and learn all about the scientific principles required in cosmetic science. This scientific kit includes essences and natural ingredients to help stimulate childrens ceativity. There are also lots of fun activities proposed in a rich manual that guides children along the discovery of the science of perfumes and cosmetics.

Contents: Flower perfume base, Sugar perfume base, Soap base, Moisturising base, Cleansing base, Cream base, Red colouring, Spatula, 3 Pipettes, 50 ml Measuring beaker with lid, Shape moulds, Mixing stick, Bubble bath bottle, Cream jar, Spray bottle, Bottle holder, Cardbox boxes, Sticker and an Instructions booklet.

Ages: 8+