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Science And Play Precious Stones And Crystals Playset

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Science And Play Precious Stones And Crystals Playset. 

"Science and Play" by Clementoni is a line of games dedicated to science, a creative and entertaining way to introduce a child to the world of science in an intelligent and safe way. Children will have fun with some of the most fascinating scientific phenomena, such as physics experiments, optics, chemistry and magnetism and use real scientific instruments respecting the environment. Clementoni's science kits encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking.

A ‘precious’ scientific kit to unearth beautiful precious stones. The kit contains a brick to be carved to extract gems and precious stones, a hammer and chisel, a mould to reproduce a fascinating colored geode and all the necessary elements to grow a giant crystal. The detailed scientific manual guides children through the various phases of the experiments and contains all the secrets of mineralogy, crystals and the chemical reactions of salts.

Ages: 8+