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Science MAD! Chemistry Lab Playset

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A lab that any young scientist will just love! A fantastic starter kit for any budding scientist, the Science Mad Chemist Lab contains everything children need to carry out 100 safety tested experiments! Containing the chemical and equipment required, children can grow their own crystals and observe different chemical reactions. The set comes with 19 assorted chemicals in plastic containers with safety caps, and over 20 pieces of equipment including a spirit burner, test tubes, beakers, a conical flask and adjustable safety goggles.


It's a really well equipped lab set with an excellent selection of 19 different chemicals, and includes a real methylated spirit burner to help when learning about the fascinating chemical reactions involving heat. Plus, there are glass test tubes and vessels and other apparatus to provide a more realistic laboratory experience. Perform 100+ safety-tested, themed experiments, all clearly planned and set out within the 68pg instruction manual, written by Dr.David Webster - a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Chemist.


Practise and expand your chemistry skills and knowledge with experiments that get more challenging and stimulating as you progress through the manual.


Contents: 19x chemicals (Contains some chemicals that are classified as a safety hazard). 1x glass spirit burner (requires methylated spirit which is not included for safety reasons), 1x pair safety glasses, 1x 100ml glass beaker, 1x 100mlglass conical flask, 1x 120mm glass stirring rod, 3x 100mm glass tubing, 5x cork stoppers, filter papers, Universal ndictator papers, 1x plastic funnel, 1x measuring spoon, 1x plastic dropping pipette, 1x 100mm rubber tubing, 1x small scoop, 4x glass test tubes, 1x metal test tube holder, 4x test tube caps, 1x test tube cleaning brush, 1x test tube rack, 1x manual.


Please Note: Other equipment required but not included is shown in the manual detailed on pages 14-15. 


Ages: 10+