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Screwball Scramble

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Screwball Scramble.

The clock is ticking in Screwball Scramble! Challenge your skill to master the maze! Race against the clock on TOMY’s new and improved Screwball Scramble course! Determination, agility and skill are what you need to catapult to success and become a screwball scramble champion. Use skill and coordination to guide the screwball,  rock it across a tilting walkway, swing it across with the crane, shimmy over the parallel bars, and wobble across the table maze! Set a time and see if you can go one better! Play solo or challenge your friends to see who can become a Screwball Scramble champion!


Contents: 1 x maze, 1 x timer, 2 x ball bearings


Players: 1-4


Ages: 5+