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Sea Monkeys Ocean Treasure

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Sea Monkeys Ocean Treasure.

Get front row seats to the Sea-Monkeys light show with the Ocean Treasure tank! With an amazing LED colour-changing treasure chest feature, you can watch your Sea-Monkeys swim and dance in the day and night! Includes light up tank as well as everything you need to get started growing your own sea monkeys.

  • Wait a day and add your Sea Monkeys eggs and they will grow over the next few days!
  • Feed them and watch them grow up to 2 cm!
  • Sea Monkeys make a great starter pet for children to practice with.
  • Batteries required: (3 x AA not included)

Includes: 1 pack Sea Monkeys Eggs, 1 Sea Monkey Tank, 1 Feeding Spoon, 1 Water Purifier and 1 Food Pouch.

Ages: 6+

There are two styles available within this assortment (pink/blue) and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.