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Sea Monkeys Magic Castle Set

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Sea Monkeys Magic Castle Set.

Now you can have your own Sea Monkeys! This kit gives you everything you need, water purifier, instant life eggs and growth food. These are the easiest pets to have. Bring the Sea Monkeys into a world of fantasy with a trip to the surface of Mars. The Aquarium has a ventilated lid and a built in magnifier to see your creatures up close. A classic set to create your very own adorable Aqua-Pets.

Each plastic aquarium is equipped with a ventilated lid built in magnifiers and the mars-themed molded seascape bottom. Fill the tank with water and add purifier. Wait a day and add your Sea Monkeys eggs. Your Sea Monkeys will grow over the next few days! Great fun science and educational kits for kids. Learn about caring for a living pet, being responsible for feeding and looking after these cute creatures and learn about the life cycle.

Ages: 6+