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Smoby Maxi Market

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The Smoby Maxi Market Kids Supermarket Shop is a great way for your children to experience running their very own supermarket business and looking after their friendly customers. The Smoby Maxi Market kids shop is a great way of guaranteeing hours of fun for your children. Included with the Smoby Maxi Market kids supermarket is everything your child needs to get them up and running in the world of retail. Not only does the Smoby Maxi Market include 50 accessories including 30+ products, but also a whole host of realistic functions!


Featuring an electronic cash register till system with a digital LCD display which doubles as a calculator and a "touch screen" with predefined product pricing, a barcode scanner with both light and sound, and even a credit card reader which can also pop out a receipt! Also included is a shopping trolley! As any shop keeper knows, customer care and numbers are vital to the running of a shop. The Maxi Market kids supermarket from Smoby is a great way to help develop your children's numeracy skills and confidence whilst also engaging their imagination whichever side of the counter they are on.


Contents: 50 accessories are included. 1x cell battery is also included


Ages: 3+