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Smoby Tefal Studio Kitchen XL Bubble

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Smoby mini kitchen Tefal Studio XL Bubble in vivid blue-white-grey-yellow colours, with many accessories and functions is great fun for small cooking enthusiasts. Cute and modern design give the toy a unique character. An enlarged, comfortable kitchen top has separate cooking zones on the stove with sound effects (cooking sounds), washing in corner sink, drying dishes, eating and preparing meals. A panel has been placed above the table, in which children will find: a capsule coffee machine and carbonated water emitting sounds. The top of the panel is formed by a hood with hangers for kitchen accessories. The lower level consists of carefully integrated, practical shelves, an oven and a refrigerator with opening doors, as well as an additional lockable cabinet.


Features and contents of the set:

  • Beautiful kitchen with a modern design in size XL
  • A functional table top with space for preparing dishes
  • Sink with a tap
  • Imitation multifunctional heating plate with water boiling effects (just pour water into the pot, set on the plate and activate the function - the water will start bubbling - imitating the boiling - fully safe function)
  • Frying pan with the function of tossing a pancake
  • Knobs for controlling the stove
  • Oven and fridge with opening doors 
  • A panel above the counter with a coffee machine for capsules
  • Saturator for carbonated drinks with the sound of "Cric Cric"
  • Absorber with hangers for kitchen accessories 
  • Shelves and cupboard with door
  • 34 accessories (pot with lid, pan for frying pancakes, 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 teaspoons, 2 cups, 2 glasses, 3 capsules, salt and pepper mill, 3 cooking utensils, food in cartons and a bottle , 5 pastas (change the color in cold water), pancake, fish and steak. All accessories are made of plastic and / or cardboard.
  • Dimensions of the kitchen: approx. 85 x 61 x 50 cm (height to the countertop), 99 cm (total height)


Ages: 3+