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SnuzPod Mattress Protector

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The Snuz Pod Mattress Protector provides protection to keep your little one and your Snuz Pod Crib dry and comfortable. The Snuz Pod Mattress Protector is the perfect addition to your nursery with the Snuz Pod Crib. It is 100% waterproof and not just your everyday nursery accessory. Instead of being a standard crinkly mattress protector it is a super soft protector made using soft cotton layers. 

Specifications for the Snuz Pod3 Mattress Protector:

- Size 44 x 80 x 3cm
- Outer: 100% cotton
- Inner: 100% Polyester
- Lies on top of the mattress
- No pesticides in the cotton
- Perfectly fits the Snuz Pod Bedside Crib