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SpiderMan Titan Hero Series Venom

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SpiderMan Titan Hero Series Venom.

Imagine Eddie Brock as the sinister symbiote Venom with this 30cm scale Venom Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Titan Hero Action Figure, inspired by the evil villain. An evil alien symbiote turns Eddie Brock into Venom, a deadly menace and mortal enemy of Spider-Man.

Black and white Venom action figure features classic design with muscles and a Venom tongue sticking out from an evil, grinning, fang-filled mouth inspired by the Marvel Universe and featured in the Maximum Venom animated series. Connect figures to Titan Hero Blast Gear accessories (each sold separately) via a back port to fire projectiles. Enter the action-packed world of Maximum Venom with other figures and accessories inspired by the Spider-Man Maximum Venom series. (Each sold separately)

  • Includes: A 30cm Venom Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Titan Hero Action Figure.
  • Inspired By The Marvel Universe.
  • Classic design with a venomized twist.

Ages: 4+