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Spy Code - Diamond Heist Game

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Spy Code - Diamond Heist Game.

Bringing a new addition to the Spy Code range, this co-operative skill and action game requires communication and teamwork to win. Can you beat the impossible mission? Enter into a movie moment and manoeuvre through the board to complete different objectives. When the alarm triggers and alerts the police the race against the clock is on to escape with the diamond and win the game.

  • Contents Includes: 1 x Spy, 1 x game board with 4 pillars, 4 x strings, 1 x game rules.
  • The latest addition to the Spy Code range.
  • Skill and action game that requires communication and teamwork.
  • Escape with the diamond before the police arrive.
  • Fun family game.
  • Suitable for 2-4 Players.

Ages: 6+