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Spy X Lazer Trap Alarm

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Spy X Lazer Trap Alarm.

Use the SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm to set up an invisible barrier and protect your lair. With one receiver piece and two lazers, set the trap pieces up to 4 feet apart, to create your custom lazer barrier. Switch from a loud sounding alarm mode to a silent flashing light for stealthy protection. Connect multiple sets to secure a larger area (each sold separately).

  • Contents: 1 x receiver piece and 2 x lazer pieces.
  • SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm is all you need for your secret missions.
  • SpyX surveillance, communication and concealment equipment is the next generation of cool spy toys.
  • Switch from loud alarm mode to silent mode for a flashing light.
  • Adjust and rotate the receiver up to 360 degrees with the two lasers set up to 4 feet away to easily create your custom laser barrier.
  • The ultimate line of defence begins with the SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm!
  • Multiple sets can be connected to secure a larger area (each sold separately).

Batteries Required: 6 x AAA batteries (not included).

Ages: 6+