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Squeakee The Balloon Dog

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Squeakee The Balloon Dog.

Meet Squeakee! This interactive pet might look like a balloon dog, but hes inflated with personality. Squeakee the Balloon Dog comes to life just like a real pup, with over 60 interactive sounds and movements. He responds to your voice and he responds to his favourite accessories.

Squeak the ball accessory once to see your pup sit. Squeakee begs when he hears 2 quick squeaks and gets ready to play when he hears 3. Kids can use the pin accessory to make Squeakee lie down flat, just like hes been deflated. The balloon pump accessory will have this interactive toy back on his feet in no time but it might make him pee or fart!

Squeakee the Balloon Dog sits when you pet his ear, then stands up and barks if you keep petting. Rub his belly to see him roll over. The more you tickle his tummy, the happier he gets.

  • Contents: 1 Squeakee the Balloon Dog and 3 interactive accessories.
  • Interactive pet with over 60 sound and motion reactions.
  • Squeakee responds to sound, touch and his accessories.
  • Feed him with the balloon pump and he might pee or fart!
  • Squeak the ball to make him sit, beg or play.
  • Push the pin into the pinhole to see Squeakee lie down.
  • Just use the pump to help him back on his feet!
  • Pet or tickle Squeakee to see him sit, stand and roll over.
  • Batteries required: 4x AA (not included).

Ages: 5+