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STEM Heroes Animal Kingdom - Alligator

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The new STEM Heroes series introduces children to the world of STEM (Science - Technology - Engineering and Mathematics) through a totally new and playful approach! Boys and girls can build a thrilling model from each of the small sets, also learning interesting facts about each subject, presented in the brochure and the free Android and iOS tablet application. ( To be downloaded). The models come from a variety of scientific issues such as Aviation, Space Exploration, King Kennels and Emergency Vehicles . Each theme consists of three starter sets that can be combined to create a larger model. These can be combined even more to build amazing mega-builds! Each sold separately.
The alligator's name comes from the Spanish word for lizard ( "el lagarto") and it belongs in the family of reptiles, like the crocodile. Alligators are one of the few species that lived during the age of the dinosaurs and are still walking the Earth today!!!
Ages: 6+