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STEM Heroes Speedsters Racer

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The new STEM Heroes series introduces children into the world of STEM disciplines (Science – Technology – Engineering and Mathematics) through a completely new and playful approach! Boys and girls can construct one exciting model from each of the small sets, while also learning interesting facts about each theme, presented in the included leaflet and the free app for Android and iOS tablets.
The models derive from a variety of scientific themes such as Aviation, Space Exploration, Animal Kingdom and Speedster Vehicles. Each theme consists of three starter sets which can be combined to create a larger model. Each sold separately. These can be combined even further to construct amazing mega-builds! 
Racer cars can be found in many forms. One exciting type is the buggy car, a recreational motor vehicle often created with open top and sides. It is designed mainly for use on sand, so spectators should expect huge clouds of dust!!!!
Ages: 6+