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Stunning Magic Gold Edition 150 Tricks

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Stunning Magic Gold Edition 150 Tricks.

Grab your wand! With high-quality magic props and simple illustrated instructions, the 150 magic tricks in this kit can be easily learned, practiced and mastered — to stun and amaze audiences!

With this sumptuous collection of magic props and by using some everyday objects, you will be able to perform 150 incredible magic tricks and illusions. The clearest step by step instuctions mean even the youngest magicians can soon develop their skills to become masters and performers of "really stunning magic".

A instruction manual with colour photographs illustrates how the tricks are performed. Video tutorials for the tricks are available online. 

Includes: A magic wand magic production tube, magic rabbits, magic balls, illusion disk, houdini coin, mind reading card deck, magic rope, banana cards, magic diamond card, magic cups, linking rings, thimbles, ellis rings and cotton balls.

  • Easy magic for young kids.
  • Builds confidence and motor skills.
  • Endless hours of fun.

Ages: 8+