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Sylvanian Families Candy Wagon

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 After a positive school report or a long working day, a visit to the candy wagon is a real sugar-coating. With as many flavours as there are spots on Freya's dress, the confectionary selection on offer is enough to brighten anyone’s day. Pick from 15 different lollies, deliciously wrapped with a decorative tie tag – if you want something really special, why not have them popped in one of three candy boxes!


The Candy Wagon from Sylvanian Families is a beautiful toy for children and contains lots of colourful candy and drawers. You can attach a movable shelf to the front or side of the cart and put candy boxes on it. The candy rack can also be attached to the sides of the cart. Put the candy in the included bags and close them with a closure. The Candy cart can be connected to other products such as the Fruit cart, Hotdog stall and Popcorn cart (all available separately). The Candy Wagon can be towed by the larger food vans like the Hot Dog Van, Fish & Chips Van or Ice Cream Van 9all available separately).


Contains over 25 pieces.


Ages: 3+


Figures and some accessories are not available.