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Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family

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Meet Theodore the Maple Cat father, Georgina the Maple Cat mother, Millie the Maple Cat girl, Jasper the Maple Cat boy.


Theodore is the Tram driver and is always there to guide Sylvanians through the town. He takes lots of notes of the nice places he visits in his little notebook.


Georgina runs the Creamy Gelato Shop making delicious gelati for everyone. She also likes to come up with ideas for new ways to eat gelato.


Millie loves flower arrangement and decorates around the house with her masterpieces. She is good at growing flowers, as well as decorating places with them. 


Jasper loves to read sometimes he concentrates so hard on his books that he forgets where he is.  Lately, he also enjoys writing his own stories. 


Contents:  Maple Cat Family


Ages: 3+