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Sylvanian Families Red Panda Family

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The Robinson Red Panda family grow grapes and berries which they use to produce wonderful juices and smoothies. They are Wilbur, Fliss, Frances.
Wilbur Robinson grows some of the best grapes and berries in Sylvania on the sunny slopes, just south of the village. He grows many different varieties of grapes and berries, some for the fruit bowl as well as some to make delicious fruit juices and smoothies. All the hard work taking care of the plants, the pruning, the stalking and all that weeding is all worthwhile at harvest time.
Fliss Robinson is the one who turns her husband, Wilbur’s juicy plumped grapes and berries, not only into excellent fruit juices, but also into scrumptious fruit smoothies. Everyone’s favourite is her crisp, refreshing blackcurrant juice, which can only be described as ‘the nectar of the gods’.
Frances Robinson wants to be famous for a special drink like her mother, so she spends a lot of time helping her mother, in order to learn as much as possible about how the different drinks are made. She is experimenting with a grape juice flavoured with mango at the moment and both her parents are proud to offer help and advice.
Contents: Red Panda Family 
Ages: 3+