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Sylvanian Families Sky Blue Terrace Gift Set

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Sylvanian Families Sky Blue Terrace Gift Set.

Sky Blue Terrace is a town house with three wonderful floors, lots of pretty windows and plenty of space for lots of furniture. The top floor has a large round window and a small balcony to look out of over the picturesque landscape of Sylvania. The other two floors have plenty of room for furniture and families and the second floor can be removed and used to expand the ground floor room.

The three story house gift set is a large spacious house for the lovely Elephant Family. The gift set pack includes Bubblebrook Elephant mother Rianne and baby Hilton plus a limited edition Baby Room Set in blue to furnish the nursery floor of your house with.

Contains: Sylvanian Families Sky Blue Terrace Playset. Along with the main unit and floor parts, lots of fun furniture is provided, including Ladders x2, Table, Chairs x2, Bunk Beds, Slide, Easel, Play mat, toy car and house and two figures (a total of 15 pieces).

Ages: 3+