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Sylvanian Families Town Designer Studio

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Welcome to the Town, where everyone goes to enjoy a day of shopping and fun! Beautiful buildings and sparkling cobblestone paths make this a special place. Take a ride on the tram to shop in all the stylish stores and eat delicious food in the restaurants. There's always exciting things to see and do!!

Stella works in town and designs beautiful dresses. She knows that everyone loves flowers and birthstones, so she uses those in her designs so that every customer can find a dress that suits them perfectly. She always thinks " I want everyone to feel pretty  and enjoy wearing my dresses." Stella's dresses are sold in the dress shop at the dept store and everybody loves them. 

The Designer Studio for Sylvanian families is a private studio for Stella Chocolate, the fashion designer. The set includes a beautiful building with engravings, a comfy chaise longue, a fine cup of tea, a fruit tart on a plate, and Stella wearing a dress exclusive to this set, different to that of the Town Girl Series - Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister. Connects to Creamy Gelato Shop, Grand Department Store, and Delicious Restaurant. Each Sold Separately. 

Ages: 3+

Some figures, buildings and accessories not included.