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Sylvanian Families Town Ride Along Tram

Available: In-Store Online

Welcome to the Town, where evryone goes to enjoy a day of shopping and fun! Beautiful buildings and sparkling cobblestone paths make this a special place. Take a ride on the tram to shop in all the stylish stores and eat delicious food in the restaurants. There's always exciting things to see and do!! 
Hop on the Ride Along Tram from Sylvanian families for a tour of the Town. The tram is coloured red and gold, with beautiful engravings. A tram stop and the driver's hat are also included. The door can be opened and shut like a real tram. Tyres of the Ride Along Tram rolls when you push the tram. Stop at the tram stop to pick up your passengers.

Contents: 1 x Tram, 1 x Tram stop, tickets & 1 x Drivers hat
Ages: 3+
Figures, buildings and some accessories not included.