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Sylvanian Seaside Restaurant

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What could be better than tucking into freshly caught seafood. The seaside restaurant boasts spectacular views of sea breeze cape. So if you want beautiful oceanside views for your Sylvanians while they dine, this is just the establishment for you. As well as a large selection of crockery and cutlery, this set comes with a variety of kitchen utensils. And of course, there’s plenty of fish and seafood ready for your Sylvanians to enjoy, as well as a healthy selection of table condiments to season your food and some lovely juice to wash it all down.


This set is a fully functional restaurant, and as well as the building itself, there are also two tables, a bar, four lounge chairs, two additional chairs and a bench. There’s even an oceanside area included for you to rest your restaurant on to guarantee that it has the fine views in Sylvania. The view from the boardwalk means that endless beautiful sunsets are in store for Sylvanians lucky enough to get their paws on this set.


This item is not intended to be played with in water. Figures not included.


Ages: 3+