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Sylvanian Families Royal Carriage Play Set

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Sylvanian Families Royal Carriage Play Set.

The Sylvanian Families Royal Carriage Set has a lovely room in the carriage for playing princess. The all-in-one set comes with a carriage room, furniture, accessories and a figure.

Combine with the Baby Amusement Park, Baby Star Carousel, Spooky Surprise House and Baby Costume Series and other figures for even more enjoyable amusement park play (all sold separately).

  • Contents: A Royal Carriage, Dresser, Couch, Princess Sceptre, Brush, Jewellery box and lid, Crown, Shoes and a Chocolate Rabbit baby.
  • An all-in-one set with a stunning carriage for a travelling princess.
  • Open out the carriage wall to transform it into a room.

Ages: 3+