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Teenie Tiny Toes Ticklish Tess

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The teenie tiny interactive dolls... tiny enough to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand! Tickle the Teenie Tiny Toes to bring them to life! They love to sing, giggle, play games, and so much more! The Teenie Tiny Toes dolls measure a tiny 11cm from head to toe, perfectly fitting in the palm of your hand! Each doll includes 7 sensors and reacts to touch, motion and light. Interact with them to bring them to life, tickle them in the wrong place and you'll get a funny response! There are 3 styles available and each has a unique theme, voice and play! Choose from Ticklish Tess, Gigglin' Gabby and launghin' Luna.


Tess loves tickles! Tickle her tiny toes and watch her eyes close. She has her favourite Bunny outfit on and is ready for giggles! She's full of unexpected surprises. So cute... so tiny... Tiny Toes!


Contents: 1x Interactive doll with 7 sensors, 1x On-the-go carrier, 4x Batteries, 1x Instruction Sheet


Ages: 3+