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The Cube Board Game

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The Cube, the ultimate test of daring, courage and skill which the whole family can now play at home. As the pressure and your heart rate start to rise, what should be simple games take on epic proportions when played in The Cube! Each player starts with 9 lives, 1 simplify token and 1 trial run token, but will that be enough to complete each of the 7 rounds of physical and electronic challenges that await you? Will your nerve hold out long enough to make it all the way to the final stage and win? Can YOU beat The Cube? 


Contents: Electronic Unit with LCD Screen, cube, balls, disks, tubes, clips, launcher, card hoops and game boards for completing all the challenges, simplify, trial run and life tokens, money tree board and 6 playing pieces, 50x electronic and physical challenges.


Players: 2-6 players


Batteries Required: 3x AAA Not Included


Ages: 8+