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Tobi Friends Beeper Robot

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Tobi Friends Beeper Robot.

Tobi Friends react to voices and sounds by lighting up and moving. Tobi Friends have a playful, interactive personality and converse in their own special language.

There are three different ways to play with Tobi Friends, they respond to kids, other Tobi Friends, and even the Tobi Robot Smartwatch (sold separately). Each Tobi Friend will interact back and forth with kids while lighting up and moving its head.

When two or more Tobi Friends are together, they chat back and forth and make each other laugh. When a Tobi Robot Smartwatch (sold separately) is nearby, Tobi Friends respond to Tobi’s expressions, emojis, alarms, and more. Have some silly, interactive fun with Tobi Friends!

  • Contents: A Tobi Friend and Instruction Manual.
  • Respond to you, other Friends and the Tobi Robot Smartwatch (sold separately).
  • Tobi Friends will respond to Tobi’s smartwatch expressions, emojis, alarms and more.
  • Batteries included.

Ages: 4+