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Tomy Toomies Octopus Ball Toy

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Tomy Toomies Octopus Ball Toy.

Uh-oh? Are those my legs or are they my arms? How's an octopus to know? Either way, they're all part of the fun when you send my babies rolling down my tentacles! Watch them land at the bottom through special see-thru walls, then push down on my head to see what happens! They jiggle and dance as they go spinning round! But look out – where's that one off to?

Whee! Roll my baby-balls down my curly arms, one by one. Press my head down to send them into a spin. Watch the babies as they jiggle and whoosh round and round! Surprise! You'll never know when they'll pop out of the side! Time to chase them around the floor, gather them up and start again!

Dimensions: H-25.5, W-24, D-24 cm.

Ages: 12mths+