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Toy Story 4 Talking Officer Giggle McDimples

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She may be only an inch and a half tall, but this seasoned law enforcement officer is spirited, funny and one of the most gifted detectives you'll ever meet.


Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Giggle McDimples is the charming officer who makes everyone laugh! With this special doll, kids interact with her like Bo Peep does in the movie! The 5-inch scale size figure wears her iconic officer uniform and cap, and responds to your questions as she changes facial expressions. Push her head to change her facial expression and hear her reply with phrases like “Oh yeah! Play time, all the time!” and “I'm Officer Giggle McDimples. I run Pet Patrol for Mini-Opolis!” You will laugh all day long with this Giggle McDimples friend -- she warms everyone’s hearts with her silly replies! Cell batteries are included.


Ages: 3+


Colours and decorations may vary.