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Uno Quattro

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Uno Quattro.

Fans of UNO cards will love the UNO Quatro family game. It combines the challenge of getting four-in-a-row with the strategy of matching colour or number.

On their turn, players slide their tiles into 1 of the 7 trays, strategically trying to trick the tiles to get four-in-a-row. In this UNO board game, tiles must touch another tile with either the same colour or number. Special action tiles change the game by making other players work with fewer tiles. Makes a great gift for fans of UNO cards and game lovers.

  • Includes: 44 Tiles, 7 Trays, 1 Bag and 1 Base.
  • Combines the skill of matching colour and number.
  • Plastic game base and tiles make the game durable and easy for travel.
  • Action Tiles let you swap two trays and push a tile out of a tray.
  • Force another player to take their turn with 2 fewer tiles.
  • Special graphic symbols have been added to help colourblind players identify the colour of any tile.
  • You can get four-in-a-row either diagonally, vertically or horizontally.
  • Suitable for 2-4 Players.

Ages: 7+