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Zoomer Meowzies - Patches

Zoomer Meowzies - Patches

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Meet the Zoomer Meowzies – adorable fluffy-tailed kitties you can’t help but love! Patches is the playful Meowzy who loves playing games – you’ll be smitten with this kitten. The more you play with her, the happier she becomes! Patches has special sensors on her head, back and chest so she knows when you're petting her.
Her interactive LED eyes light up telling you exactly how she's feeling. And if you're in the mood to play, you've just met the right kitten! With interactive games like ‘Mouse Chase’ and ‘Meow Hero,’ cute kitty sounds, a secret trick and stylish tail, Patches can't wait to show you everything she can do.
Collect Arista, Viola, Patches, and Lucky and watch them share secrets, tell jokes, sing songs and more. Just touch their button noses together and let the feline fun begin! Zoomer Meowzies – Full of Life, Full of Meows!
Batteries Required: 3x AAA (Not Included).
Ages: 5+

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