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Smoby Bon Appetit Kitchen

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Smoby Bon Appetit Kitchen.

The Smoby Bon Appetit Childrens Toy Kitchen is stylish and fun with an assortment of modern appliances (including a coffee maker, electronic style hob and faux-LED panel on the front of the oven)! Prepare to be served an assortment of such exotic French dishes as "pretendre poisson-frites" (pretend fish and chips), or "Spam-frites imaginaire" (imaginary spam and chips), or just "portion de frites" (a portion of chips). With the Smoby Bon Appetit Toy Kitchen, any imaginary dish is achievable.

So, just let your little Gordon Ramsey loose and the sky's the limit (apart from the colourful language of course) its all here in the Bon Appetit toy kitchen. Complete with an oven and fridge at the front and storage for all those cooking extra's at the side (Includes a variety of accessories), the back of the Bon Appetit Toy Kitchen is flat so the unit can be put against a wall to save space. A whole host of ways to play, children can be just like a grown-up!

Product dimensions: 96cm x 52cm x 32cm

Contents:Oven, fridge, hotplate with sound effects, sink, coffee machine with its own capsules and 23 accessories! Cell battery included

Ages: 3+

Colours and styles may vary