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Brainbox Dangerous Animals Game

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Brainbox Dangerous Animals Game.

Brainbox is a fun memory and observation card game, with 8+million units sold worldwide. The game tests your eye for detail with all the answers on the card but just 10 seconds to study it. This all-new pocket edition of the game is ideal to tuck in your bag and enjoy on the go.

In the game you'll discover:

  • 25 hand-illustrated cards filled with fearsome creatures, big and small, from around the world. The cards feature fun facts and a danger scale to know how scared you should be of each animal.
  • The game includes 150 questions and 25 all-new "chat starters" which let players prove they know more than they imagine by talking about each card.
  • Fast turn-based gameplay, easily understood and great for all ages and occasions, especially travel.
  • Created with education professionals to support children's development, improving memory, observation and communication skills.


  • 25 Game Cards.
  • 150 Question Cards
  • 1 10 Second Timer.
  • 1 6-Sided Dice.

Ages 6+