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Kayto 12v Tractor With Cab / Front Loader And Trailer

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Kayto 12v Tractor With Cab / Front Loader And Trailer.

Let your child’s imagination soar as they embark on exciting adventures with the 12V Kids Ride On Tractor. It’s a fantastic toy vehicle that combines fun, entertainment, and safety to create an unforgettable play experience. One of the standout features of this ride-on tractor is the ability to switch between two modes of operation. Your child can use the front loader to scoop up and transport materials, and the trailer provides extra storage space for their toys or belongings.

This 12V Kids Ride On Tractor With Roof Trailer And Front Loader also comes with built in bluetooth. So you can connect your phone to play your favourite songs. For younger children there is a parental control to help little ones manoeuvre. 

  • Parental remote control mode.
  • Includes: MPS Player, Aux Input, USB port, TF Card slot, Sudden acceleration or braking and seatbelt.
  • Both Front And Back Wheels Have Spring suspension system.
  • Wear-resistant wheels made from pp material.
  • Dimensions 226cm x 72cm x 108cm.
  • This is sure to be a big hit with any farm lovers.

Ages: 3-8 years